Dead with Dignity (2-end) : Death as life’s solution?Indeed,It is happening.

**I tried to write it with English, kindly understand for the limited capability of using foreign language.

I remember one of the most emotional moments I had in Utrecht Summer School. On the previous class about some of Dutch political governments in term of Moslem people there, one of my Hong Kong friends cried and went out a while from the class. “It’s too hard for me to watch it” she said after a video that contains violence, blood, war, and sort of thing shown to the class. It is shown in order to open our mind about what actually some politicians can through media to support or either to criticize others. Furthermore, the video also reflects the ideology and values of politician’s party. In short, it’s shown for education reason.

“That time I did not expect that such condition could happen to me…”

As the second assignment, the lecturers gave us five topics for us to be chosen as our essay topic. There were Drugs, Prostitution, The same sex marriage, Abortion, and Euthanasia. Typical controversial topic, and indeed all of them has their own debatable clashes. At first, I was thinking to take Prostitution since I had a class about Gender study and see the related realities in my hometown, Surabaya. Instead of taking that topic, I cannot stop to think about Euthanasia and finally took it as my topic. At the presentation day, they who had the same topic should gather and present the final opinion. The discussion went as deep as we reveal the reality out there. And I drown into blue since one of my best friends just had his mom got euthanasia action because the bad cancer. That class was just so emotional for me.

*     *     *


As you can read below this article, I found many unbelievable yet progressive development of this issue. Today, I spent almost two hours to surf all the related web and also videos. Deeply in my heart, I am having a deep grief for everyone who committed the assisted suicide. In fact, there are so many people chose the deadly poison before their life, most of them were having their cancer that time, but the still able to do many things. I mean, they even still can walk and do normal activities! Furthermore, you can find that some of their partner (wife or husband) also join them took assisted suicide with their totally fit condition. Watch :

In 2008, there’s a young Britain former football player who decided to go to Zurich and had his final exit, he committed suicide and there were his parents with him , accompanying him to Swiss! The reason of his action is his capability after an accident in a training session for forwards. He was practicing a scrum when the pack came crashing down. Under their weight, he dislocated bones in his neck and trapped the spinal cord. In the following weeks he had several operations and spent eight months in rehabilitation, including a stay at Stoke Mandeville hospital, before returning home; he only ever regained a small amount of use in his fingers. Early last month he travelled to Switzerland. His funeral took place in the UK on October 1. Read :


This web surfing also gives me information that many people decided to take this suicide action not because their physical disability, but the just lost their hope of life.

Legalization of the euthanasia can lead to the misuse of the right to use it.  “Dignitas”. The assisted suicide service in Zurich, Swiss Read : . Even my lecturers even got surprised by fact that I found. The organization Dignitas is the most high profile, non-physician group assisting with suicide. Until late 2008, Dignitas was the  only organization catering to foreigners.  The director of Dignitas is the human rights lawyer, Ludwig Minelli. In December 2008, Dignitas received global condemnation when it showed on a Sky documentary the actual death of an American client. Other organizations making use of the liberal Swiss law include Exit Switzerland and the Swiss Society for Humane Dying. No wonder, some people could describe this heavenly beautiful country as : Suicide Tourism.

*     *     *


Maybe not many people talk about it. But just a while, kindly explore some cases, webs, and news related with the option what people called “the right to die”. This writing is written in order to reveal the fact that many people out there is now losing their hope of life because of their mentality depressed, physical disability, and any other reasons. Some of them could be easily understood, but for me most of them are clearly out of my mind.

I cannot say anything more but deep and silent sadness. This is the world that I live in. Personally, I take this not as just a cultural differences, or any political policies, it has deeper issue.

It’s more about the core life values and the way we mean it, day by day, year by year…

There's a story for every single of us. Written by our Creator.


By this graceful life, I do hope that everyone could stands their life as long as they can, as strong as they could, with a thankful attitude of every breath that given every morning.  

Please, keep breathing…




2 thoughts on “Dead with Dignity (2-end) : Death as life’s solution?Indeed,It is happening.

  1. Gloria Lady Leony (@GloriaLady) September 10, 2011 at 11:01 pm Reply

    amazing! i’m pretty sure your writing talent can touch people’s heart. keep writing!

  2. sieria October 29, 2011 at 11:35 am Reply

    yups… keep writing gez… u’re so talented in writing.. like u were born to write..^^

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