Dead with Dignity (1) : A brand new suicide?

Once,Dr Boudewijn who were available as one of Dutch Voluntary Euthanasia Society forced by a depressed woman name Netty Bommsa. Instead of a real name, it is a foctional name that the doctor gave to an old woman who already lost both of her both twenties age sons because of cancer and suicide. The proposal of end her life was sent to Dr Boudewijn and refused all treatments that could be made that time.As a voluntary doctor of euthanasia, finally Netty Boomsma ended her life as soon as her will. At that time the practice for euthanasia in Netherlands had not been legalized yet numbers been done such way of end someone’s life. Still the Supeme Court of The Netherlands acquitted Dr Boudewijn for a murder, but found the Doctor innocent and did it as the patient’s wish.

* * *

It was 1991, ten years before the present year 2011. On Thursday 28 April Don & Iris Flounders peacefully ended their lives together. Don had cancer, Iris did not want to live on without him. They had been married for over 60 years. Both were members of Exit International. In 2008, when Don was dignosed with cancer, the couple travelled to Mexico to buy the euthanasia drug Nembutal. They returned to Australia bringing the drug with them. Their actions led to police involvement and their house was searched but the drugs were not found


As what history has written about euthanasia, it was first used by a historian Suetonius that told and described how the Emperor Augustus “dying quickly and without suffering in the arms of his wife, Livia, experienced the ‘euthanasia’ he had wished for.”In other side, the particular word “euthanasia was first used in a medical term by Francis Bacon in the 17th century as an easy, painless, happy death to escape the suffering physical that might happen.

The practice of euthanasia nowadays can be easily seen in some European countries. In Belgium, reported that 203 people were being euthanized in the forst year of Euthanasia legalization there. Furthermore, we also could find a blissful way to have our death in Switzerland by drink a glass of poisoned cocktail. While many people come there for a touristic experience, “Dignitas” offers an assisted suicides. Dignitas believes that some severe depression can be irreversible and that they just justified in helping the mentally ill to die.

Particularly in this Willem Van Oranje home county, euthanasia practice is legalized by year 2001. At that time, the coalition of socialist and liberals managed to lift up some ban and one of them is allowed the practice of euthanasia. The value of beleid and polder model culture shaped the euthanasia law through The Dutch Courts and the Royal Dutch Medical Association KNMG and decide to : not to prosecuted physicians who followed the guidelines of selecting patients which are : (1) voluntariness – patients request must be freely made, well-considered and persistent (2) unbearable suffering – patients suffering cannot be relieved by any other means, and (3) consultation – the attending physicians should consult with a colleague.

*     *     *


Despite all the pro and cons of euthanasia practice permission in Europe countries, especially The Netherlands, I myself find have two kinds of different yet integrated opinion. As Dutch could not deny their value of permissiveness, I could not deny my own identity as a social human being who is tend to be a pro life person. I strongly disagree for any proposed euthanasia with some ways such and injection and also liquid consumption to end someone’s life. For me it is a proposed murder and a brand new for a suicide action.

There must be a way out for everyone, for sure.

This kind of opinion may lead to the cons that it’s a very idealist and conservative way of thinking, but once again, everything that people do would reflect their own life values. As my Christian values, I believe in no co incidence, including my existence. This life was given as a special purpose. Besides, as a determined human, I also have my life goals and will not give up that easy to euthanasia fantasy. To have some stumble blocks and rocks is not the end of the world that can make me runaway from the reality of life, like what many people do in the term of euthanasia’s missed use such as : 26 year-old ballerina with arthritis in her toes requesting to be euthanized. Apparently since she could no longer pursue her career as a dancer, she was depressed and no longer wished to live. The doctor accepted it and justified it with “one doesn’t enjoy such things, but it was her choice.”

In other side, I should admit for any special case which we cannot do anything but let someone’s life gone. But the process and the motivation behind our decision is also very important to be considered. For instance : If a doctor tell me that one of my relatives just have a 1 % life chance, I will not use euthanasia anyway, but live that chances and working on  it at best for her/his last seconds. The decision of injecting the dead happily liquid will not be the action that I chose. (cont.)


*     *     *


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