Politics, Paintings, and Beach! It’s what Saturday means in Summer School.

Last weekend was so special and, it is indeed! The Utrecht Summer School Committee already set the schedule of us to go to The Hague for a one day excursion on 06 August 2011

At first, I should admit that I don’t really excited or eager to go there. In fact, I was too tired and woke up late! Oh no! I just did a big mistake in Netherlands. Being late. Thanks God, that they were waiting for me and Titis’s arrival at Utrecht Centraal. Here we go, The Hague. Show me your charm!

* * *

As the first visitation, we went to The Netherlands parliament building. Its too bad that camera is not allowed there to take the picture. But fine, as long as I could describe it and make it easier to be imagined 🙂 As government building, I do understand about the advance security the had for us before in. All your bags and jacket also suggested to be placed in a special locker. After all, finally we could get into this Majelis Perwakilan Rakyat or MPR of Netherlands.

As we came into that new look meeting room, there was so many colour that you able to see. Some of the chairs are green, some are blue. Furthermore, there was a very interesting light that made by those sprinkle lamp above. Proudly, a mid age old man explained us that all those colour, the shape of all those chairs, the lamp represent the water, the land, tulips, and also the weather in Netherlands. Wow, the architect and designer must be so brilliant to think about this!

Its been said that the parliament meeting is visible to public. So, if you would like to see how the politicians in Holland do their debate as long as the collective values the have, please do come here and enjoy. If you’re lucky enough to have for a very good issue discussion, its worth to wait or queue few hours before the meeting starts. In the opposite, it would be very not recommended to watch a very long meeting.

After the parliament building, we just went straight to the Maurits Huis. I realised I never been to such painting exhibition before, I mean with a deep desire to know and also understand what is behind those colours and objects that appear. Never been before. But here?

To hear and see that fascinating painting, understand the histories, and also a bit knowledge about the painters or artist were so..amazing. It is not hard for me to get focus on the tour guide, if you were there you would understand that the ambience of that art’s house was totally make you into the other century. They offer you real reflections that made by people before us. To see the old Netherlands and also the government at the old century, make me amazed and wonder how God could create a talent to capture many historical steps in this world. I amazed.

For the first time, I was almost wipe my tears because of one simple yet deep painting. I remember that its not made by Vermeer or Rembrandt, and yes, just 2 hours tour at Maurits Huis would not be enough. I do really want to come back again there!! I love it!

* * *

BEACH – For the first time.
Finally, I went to a beach in Netherlands. Thought I don’t need to explain you any further. By all these picture, I believe that you could feel what I felt that time, you could see what I saw, and hope that you could happy as I was so happy there. The next trip after the government and fascinating painting museum?

Scheveningen beach!!!

A very good perspective of The Hague

A very good perspective of The Hague

C 43

C 43

With Titis

With Titis

It was a totally refreshment!

It was a totally refreshment!

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