Thousand Facts of Mine (In The Netherlands)

Latest Update : 03 August 22.00 Amsterdam


1. I DID NOT FEEL ANY JET-LAG. Everything just so normal for me.

2. The important things that I forgot is : LIPBALM, my Vaseline Petroleum Jelly.

3. I do love and love the time I spent with Dennis, and Shivan. (Lenneke to meet soon.)


4. While in Netherlands, I mostly listen to these songs :

    1. Hillsong’s Song
    2. Rain – Move on (Korean Version)
    3. Ost Cloud to Stairway
    4. This Time – Wonder Girls
    5. On the Floor – Jlo
    6. Officially Missing You – Tamia

5. I have been try beer twice, just a second sipped. I don’t like them.

6. Bought 10 pieces of white and purple flowers for 5 euro. Five times more expensive than my usual lunch. A 1,7 euro chocolate bread.

7. And I don’t regret it. Use that flowers to decorate my “oh,my goodness” room to be more homy and nice to be lived in.

8.The first souvenir that I bought is Starbucks Tumbler Netherlands version for my mom. She does eager to have and collect it. I use it anyway  here.

9. Netherlands foods don’t really fit with me, as I tought before. Mayo, chesse, pork. Agh. Just give me banana, then I will be okay.

10. What I love about Utrecht is … I haven’t found it yet, the specific reason. I love it because it is in NL.

11. It’s not really good to know that its 09 pm and still bright outside, seems like I cannot feel tired without see the dawn..

* * * * *


1. I like Italian people. Specially the smart yet humble one.

2. Amazed many times by their knowledge about politician and nowadays issues.

3. Somehow, I changed my English version when it comes to speak with Korean. Err.

4. Taiwan and Hong Kong people are more quite than others.

5.Indonesian does have a good approach of relationship. I mean it.

6. Community Outreach Program DOES give me many valuable thought for this class.

7. Today, 3 of August, it’s the first time I came late into class after tea break. I and Ray just had the longest way to drink ever.

* * * * *


1. 2 people already warned me. Viona, you should say your name Viona not Fiona. I mispronounce my own name. (Viona sounds like : Vhi-o-na, Fiona sounds like Fi-o-na , lighter sounded)

2. Once, people thought I am Japanese, and more often they thought if I am Korean.

3. I haven’t meet any good heart yet good looking guy yet, friends (For those who ask me many timeeeeessss.. Im telling you this hihihi)

4. It’s a bulls### if you would like to do thesis her. It’s a big im plus po plus ssi plus ble. Impossible.

5. I got surprised to see my Mom’s Blackberry status She writes in Dutch! In order to encourage my. Ah, love you my mom.

6. Many people worry about me, specially my eating habit.




 (to be continued..) *feel free to ask 🙂


6 thoughts on “Thousand Facts of Mine (In The Netherlands)

  1. Veravinna August 4, 2011 at 12:56 am Reply

    Glad you are having so much fuunn.. Muahmuah :*

  2. Gloria Lady Leony August 4, 2011 at 4:37 am Reply

    more photos of your room and your class please ^^ ughhh.. love to be there with you.. someday i’ll go there 🙂 miss youuu…

  3. Anggita August 5, 2011 at 4:22 am Reply

    hihihi seneng deh bc tulisan2mu ges, trully sincere gt … btw, kl dr indo ke NL emang kita g jetlag, krn kita nyolonh waktu lebih cepet disana, sebaliknya kita bakal jetlg dr eropa k indo, krn kita mengulangi lagi waktu yg uda lewat… aga binung njelasinnya sih, pokokny dr neg, barat k timur br jetlag, klperjalanan dr barat ke timur kita g jetlag…wakaka kacauu ah penjelasanku ;p

    • G.Viona August 8, 2011 at 5:11 pm Reply

      Ngiiiiiikkk.. Aku ketawa2 sendiri bayangin kamu komentar ini di depanku. Lucu deh pasti. Logat jakarta campur jawa. Iya nih Nggik, belum siap balik Indo. Kemaren aku dah nyasar loh sekali, sendirian. Huaaaaa! Untung ada satpam baik hatiiiiii. Kangen ayam penyetttt!!!! Hugss (っ∩_∩)っ

  4. zilko August 5, 2011 at 10:10 pm Reply

    ah, akhir Juni kemarin malah jam 10 malam juga masih terang 🙂

  5. majellin August 10, 2011 at 5:27 am Reply

    “oh,my goodness” room sounds good hehehehe *pokepokepoke viona. semangaaaat sayang…

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