Missing you/Ik mis je/Bogosipda/Aitai/Hao xang ni men/Merindukan kalian!

I don’t even believe this.

Im still here in my car in front of my house.

Cant let myself hold this missing feeling.

Surprisingly i found my previous music CD that often played while my time at COP, almost 3 years go

Oh my goodness i can’t hold this tears down.

I won’t hold this. Wont hold my voice, my crying into this writing.

It’s breaking now to know that everything is memories. A deep one.

Gosh! listening this song is totally breaking my heart!

Everyone is too far away.

Recalling every single day we had, every meeting we made, every pictures that taken, every night that we spent, every single sharing of burden that shared, every laugh, cry, fight, all those pleasure, fun and .. EVERY SINGLE SCENE IS PLAYING IN MY MIND NOW.

Even typing this, its hard for me to see the screen clearly

its blurry with our memories, with this unstopable tears,

I love you.

I love you all even more.

With all those graceful time, with all those hugs,

with all those moments that will never be replaced with any else!

I heart all of you!

Oppa, Min Kyung, i tried to call both of you and no answer.

I cant found Denn, Lenneke, Shivan either!

How are you Yuka and Yoshie?

Where are you Ada and Sandy?

Ive been missing you this years, with Randy, Hartono, Budi, Erich, Ricky, Helen, Elin, all the Indonesian…



When a silent cry becoming a deep silent scream, you know how deep is all those days for me.. each one of you, no one is forgotten..

Lord, im now giving You the highest gratitude of all..

Cannot reach them easily, but i know Youre the one who will hold their hands..

Would You let them know Lord?

I miss them.

Thank you for being a very nice and precious part of my life,

dear my Korean, Dutch, Japan, Hong Kong, and Indonesia friends..

Someday, at the day I die, i hope to see you from the sky at my funeral and see how that COP remain in our heart forever..forever..

Sumberbentis village will always be a special part. Here in my heart..

I love you. I miss you :’)

Someday, we will back gather and realize how beautiful memories are..

My prayer will be for all of you.


One thought on “Missing you/Ik mis je/Bogosipda/Aitai/Hao xang ni men/Merindukan kalian!

  1. yosuakristianto July 4, 2011 at 6:07 pm Reply

    You were so young and looked like een jonge meisje.. hwhwhwhw
    good memories though.

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